Paulk Style Workbench for the Woodshop Zone @ MakerFX

The first workbench for the MakerFX Shop has been completed this past week and it was a blast to build. A few members did research and settled upon a work bench design by Ron Paulk (link to plans: Normally the workbench breaks down into multiple, easily transportable to job sites, but for the shop it isn’t needed. It’s very lightweight and because of the torsion box design its very solid.Instead we bolted the two tops together and built a base for them. check it out below

Gluing the bottom sheet of plywood to the top before screwing it to the ribs



Top completed. You may be asking, why does the top resemble swiss cheese? This design allows modified clamps to go through the holes so you can clamp your workpiece to the top. Plus the oval cutouts on the side are great for storing tools while working thus keeping the top free of clutter

Assembly Photos


The base is a simple 2×4 and 2×6 setup with a sheet of plywood on the bottom to store other tools.



(Casters were added to the base once  the size needed was in stock)



completed! The bench height is 1/2″ lower than our current table saw and works great as an outfeed table. I originally designed the base to use casters to make it 1/2″ lower than a Sawstop contractor saw (we can dream right?). But whenever we get a different table saw I can adjust the height by swapping out the casters.


Big thanks to those that helped make the templates, cut the wood, assemble, and be awesome members of MakerFX looking to improve the shop.

.Next thing on my build list is a cart for our Fein Turbo II vacuum cart. Then a rolling base for the X Carve CNC Router.



**I didn’t include many photos of cutting out the templates and assembling. The bench plans, though awesome, are not free and I didn’t want to give too much away. But come out to the shop and if you’re interested in building a bench and check it out**